Residential Construction & Remodel

mariolofrontWhen you’re looking for a contractor to build a home it’s important to find someone that you can work with. You’ll need to hire a team that will listen and take the time to understand what you want—then deliver on those expectations. Good communication is vital.

We enjoy residential construction because it’s an opportunity to showcase our craftsmanship. We take pride in the quality of our work, in having the right tools and crews who use them well. The residential construction crews at Slatter are seasoned professionals and dedicated to building custom homes.

Throughout the planning and construction process our clients understand exactly what’s happening—and know that they are being treated fairly. It goes back to our business philosophy: Tell the truth. Hire good people. Pay attention to the details. Residential or commercial—we get the job done.

“Our project was very complicated with a great many unique architectural details. Slatter brought a lot of experience to the job and made cost-effective recommendations about enhancements and improvements. They certainly exceeded my high expectations and they stand behind their work. I am very satisfied.”

Bob Mariolo

Home Remodel

frederickstreetconstructionRemodeling is a major investment and it is vital to find a builder you can trust. Check our references and have a look at some of the buildings we’ve worked on. We would be happy to have you meet with us to discuss your project.

Slatter Construction is particularly well suited to residential remodeling (we enjoy messy, challenging work). Improving a home—particularly when the family remains in residence—is personal work. We adhere to three simple principles in all of our jobs: tell the truth, hire good people and pay attention to the details. It’s a way of doing business we’re comfortable with.

Every homeowner worries about change orders during a remodel, so we emphasize pre-construction consultations to minimize the unknown as much as possible. With more than 20 years of remodeling experience, we know what to look for and can usually anticipate issues early enough to be worked in to the initial project budget. Meticulous planning saves money and keeps work moving forward on schedule. It’s the reason we have so many satisfied clients.

“Slatter offered a full array of services that were just outstanding. We drew out what we wanted on the back of a napkin, and they got the job done. This house is everything we ever wanted, the workmanship is top notch and there is not one thing we’re not happy with about the job. I don’t think many people can recommend a contractor without reservation, but my wife and I are couldn’t be happier with the job they did.

They helped us at every step of the process. Slatter did the research to see what we could build then clearly laid out our options. They recommended an architect, as well as the soils engineer and geologist we needed to gain approval from the County. They tailored the construction plan to make it easier for us to get a mortgage. The project was finished on the day it was promised for the price we had agreed to, and we moved in a week later.”

Kathy Anderson

“Slatter is really good about flushing out potential problems early and addressing them so they don’t become real issues, and their foreman are very good.”

Jeff Naess
Principal Engineer, Bowman & Williams

Problem Property Resolution

dirtDo you have a problem property? Slatter Construction is the only contractor in Santa Cruz County with a Problem Property Resolution TeamTM. We can rescue projects and properties that are bogged down in red tape in a timely and cost-effective manner. We’re well experienced in helping owners who have long since thrown up their hands in frustration.

The State of California and Santa Cruz County have overly complex permitting and resolution processes that can make even the most diligent and honest homeowners resign themselves to living in violation. You don’t need to. In our long experience with problem properties, we have come up against all kinds of regulatory challenges – from endangered species, to water problems, to protected historic homes with structural issues.

Slatter can coordinate and implement a solution. Whether you face a local public policy issue, neighborhood issues, or the most complicated bureaucratic issues we can help. We know how to work with the dozens of government agencies who have a voice in permitting, neighborhood groups and interested non-profits. We know how to create a solution and gain buy-in from interested parties. Slatter Construction has established relationships with reputable specialists around the Bay Area who will do their part to devise a resolution that is acceptable to all the stakeholders—and manageable for the owner.

The solution lies in our approach. The first step is to thoroughly understand the problem, or variety of problems, at the property. Next, Slatter’s Resolution Team Coordinator will work with specialists and the owner to develop a conceptual resolution plan, which is presented to the relevant permitting and approval agencies to refine the approach and gain approval. The key element is to get the various regulatory agencies to meet among themselves and sign off on a solution. If there are other interest groups, this is the phase where we communicate with them. In the final steps we’ll help you to put together funding sources and implement a timely resolution.

Problem Property Resolution Example: Rusty’s Retreat

rustysretreatphotoPerched atop the hills of the Zayante Valley lies an Esalen-like sanctuary that rivals the tranquil, natural setting of Big Sur itself, yet is only minutes from Santa Cruz.

Lovingly restored by a dedicated team of professionals, this residential property heralds a new innovative approach to real estate, where all net proceeds from the sale will be distributed to local charities including Jacobs Heart, The Boys and Girls Club of the Valleys and the anti-gang suppression programs BASTA and PRIDE in Santa Cruz.

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