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Rittenhouse BuildingCommercial Projects

“Slatter Construction stands out because they’re honest, dependable and complete projects on time. Slatter comes up with creative solutions, and they do an excellent job working under complex circumstances. They built the Flatiron Building with no staging area on a site bounded by sidewalks and traffic on three sides, and they built the project at Church and Pacific Streets, which posed similar challenges. I hired them to put up the Henry Willey Building, the Social Security Building and my apartment, garage and barn, so clearly, I believe in the quality of their workmanship.”
Louis Rittenhouse
President, Rittenhouse Building & Investment

Logger's Revenge“Slatter Construction has been working down here for at least twenty years. They’re a reputable company and they do good work. We work together closely and it’s a good arrangement. As a company we like to deal with local people and they’re an old time Santa Cruz family—it’s nice to be able to do business with Slatter.”
Charles Canfield
President, The Seaside Company

“We hire Slatter Construction because they’ve always done a good job and they’re honest. We have done some pretty tricky projects together since 1984, and over the years we have had to come up with creative solutions. Slatter is very flexible and have experienced foreman who do good work. They re-built Neptune’s Kingdom, put a foundation under the roller coaster, built the log ride and at least a dozen other projects, big and small. I’ve had them out here hanging doors. They’re very good about coming in on budget and their timing is good too—that’s why we continue to use them.”
Carl Henn
Director of maintenance and facility development
The Seaside Company

pamfmainvertical“I would recommend Slatter Construction highly. Our jobs have been demanding. Deadlines and budgets are rigid, yet we are subject to a heightened level of regulation that continues to evolve. They have been sensitive to the fact that we are conducting patient care during construction and have worked at odd hours to get in and get the work done.”

“Slatter Construction is an easy to work with family business. They get along and support one another. If someone is tied up, someone else will pitch in. They’re committed to make the business successful.”
Tom Hart
Vice President of Physician Affairs and Business Development
Palo Alto Medical Foundation

“My experience with Slatter Construction has been very good. The important thing is that Slatter gets things done on time, and they know how to live within a budget. I think one of their real strengths is that the job superintendents take a personal interest and ownership in each project

We began working together in 1987 when they built the first Santa Cruz Medical Clinic out in Aptos. Since then they have built six facilities for us. They’re excellent builders. Due to the quality of their commercial work I hired them to build my house. On both the commercial and residential jobs they worked well with me, and got the job done right.”
Wayne Boss
Retired President and CEO, Palo Alto Medical Clinic

fairfieldfront“Slatter Construction is not afraid to take on anything, no matter how complicated. We’ve built three hotels together and remodeled two more. Each time, they’ve delivered on time and within budget, I wouldn’t hire them again unless they did. I’ve called them in the middle of the night to help me with things that weren’t their responsibility, but they ran to help. They’re very nice to work with and have good people.”
Elena Aspromonte
Owner, Santa Cruz Hotel Group
Capitola and Watsonville Best Western Hotels, Continental Inn Santa Cruz

“Slatter built our new dealership and did a fantastic job. We had some major issues because of the size of the building and seismic issues, and they handled everything with ease. In fact, they figured out a way to improve upon the original plans and worked with the engineers to make changes. In my experience, they adapt quickly and get things done as promised. I’ve recommended them many times.”
Lee Courtright
Owner, Santa Cruz Nissan Dodge

dellwilliamsfront“Slatter recently remodeled our downtown store and we were able to stay open during construction. They have a lot of experience with this type of job and did a good job working around the constant flow of customers.

This was a complicated remodel, and the crew had to deal with lots of opinions from all sides. They handled the input very professionally and were polite and informative about the work being done. Slatter helped us to make good decisions.

The quality of their workmanship is obvious and we’ve had a continuous flow of compliments on the new store. I would definitely recommend Slatter Construction.”
Peter Williams
Manager, Dell Williams Jewelers

newleaf2“I love working with Slatter Construction. They get it. They think ahead and understand that we have a business to run. Once they completed Half Moon Bay it was easy to make the decision to hire them again. They are excellent communicators and take the time to explain everything. They go out of their way to keep store managers informed and minimize their impact on the flow of business. They also treat their subcontractors well, which makes a big difference to the end result for the client.”
Rex Stuart
General Manager and Co-Owner
New Leaf Markets

“These are fine, professional people. The quality of the work was magnificent and we’d recommend Slatter Construction to anybody. I’ve been here for six years and they did two projects for us in that time. They prepped our 104-year-old chapel for painting and replaced the casings on our old, fragile windows. They were very respectful of how precious that building is to us. Slatter also added an elevator tower to the conference center, which is just as old, and it looks just as if it was part of the original building.

We worked with them so well. The crew was good, and their communication is outstanding. Every week over the course of an eight-month project our provincial treasurer came over for a project update, and every week Slatter came with a timeline and answered any questions she had. They were very available.

The Center housed guests throughout construction, and I must say that they made the whole thing work as smoothly as it possibly could. They were really wonderful in trying to make things work for us—I just can’t say enough about Slatter Construction.”
Sister Patty Doyle
Administrator, Villa Maria del Mar Retreat Center

“There are challenges with every construction project and Slatter had a dedicated foreman on the job every day to resolve things as they came up. The service was great, and I’d highly recommend them.”
Paul Meltzer


cabrillosign2“Slatter Construction takes care of business for us. We’ve used them for everything from $500,000 projects down to projects that involved just a couple of thousand dollars. Over the ten years I’ve been here they have done well over two hundred projects, mostly classroom and office remodels. They haven’t given me a gray hair, I can’t think of any projects that have had a time or budgetary issue. We’ll continue to hire them because Sid can accomplish anything he’ll bid on.”
Joe Nugent
Maintenance and Operations Director, Cabrillo College