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West Cliff Drive
West Cliff Drive Residence
West Cliff Drive Residence
West Cliff Drive Residence
West Cliff Drive Residence
Project Description

This custom house features curves and arcs, but no right angles. Framing the 4100 sq. ft. home was a challenge for a crew accustomed to making perfect 90-degree corners, but the plans called for curves—so they made perfect curves instead. The results are magnificent.

“Our project was very complicated—this truly is a custom home. All of the corners are rounded and there are unique architectural details throughout. Slatter brought a lot of experience to the job and made cost-effective recommendations about enhancements and improvements. They certainly exceeded my high expectations and they stand behind their work. I was very satisfied with the process.

Slatter wasn’t the lowest bidder, but I believe that you get what you pay for. Some of our friends have gone with the lowest bidder, and it’s always turned out badly. They’re a family-owned company that has a number of capable people at the top. I didn’t want to go with an operation that was based entirely on one guy, and we wanted a builder who understood how to work effectively in Santa Cruz”.

Bob Mariolo

Project Details
ClientWest Cliff Drive