Cameron Kinder

Project Engineer

Cameron Kinder

Cameron Kinder


  • Master’s Degree, Department of History, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Department of History, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Associates of Arts, Fine Arts, Cabrillo College

Professional Certifications

  • Class A License (Endorsements for: Multiple Trailers, Tankers)
  • SSI Master Diver (Scuba Schools International with 350+ Logged Hours of Diving)
  • Office Project Certification
  • Traffic Control Safety and Design, University of California, Berkley


Twenty two years of construction experience including:

Pile driving and extraction in open ocean environment; SCUBA diving; removing and replacing heavy timber, joists, caps, decking, asphalt, concrete, docking hardware, public stairways, scaffolding, and fencing; transport pilings and unsafe loads on public streets; participate as member of crew in major construction projects; read and interpret blue prints and planning materials; maintain and repair city, commercial, and private buildings; electrical repair, design, and installation; plumbing; perform maintenance and repairs of tools, equipment, and vehicles; estimating and ordering materials; Municipal Wharf structural and safety inspections; take accurate measurements and perform mathematical calculations; interact with public as representative of City of Santa Cruz; perform heavy labor and lifting; work in extreme weather conditions; perform emergency call-back work; welding and brazing; equipment and tool fabrication; traffic control design and placement of traffic markers.

Work Experience

  • City of Santa Cruz, Wharf Construction Worker, City of Santa Cruz Dive Team.
  • LaBarba Construction, Carpenter
  • Slatter Construction, Labor Foreman
  • Heil Construction, Termite Abatement and Carpentry

Project Engineer Duties

  • Responsible for processing, tracking and closing of Requests for Information and Requests for Clarification and Requests for Change Orders
  • Estimate changes to contract by submitting Requests for Change Orders to Owner
  • Responsible for processing, tracking, and closing of product submittals
  • Create Project Schedules and Work with Superintendent to track, log, and update schedules
  • Lead OAC meetings (recorded, process, and distribute meeting minutes)
  • Maintain Project Logs
  • Receive and Process Change Orders, Field Orders, Field Directives