New Leaf Markets
New Leaf Market Exterior
New Leaf Bloom Interior
Half Moon Bay Interior
Half Moon Bay Interior
Westside Exterior Detail
Westside Interior Produce
Half Moon Bay Exterior
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Westside Interior Deli
Westside Interior Wines
Project Description

The New Leaf Market on the west side of Santa Cruz is a testament to Slatter Construction’s ability to get the job done. Hired by both the landowner and grocery company to put up the building and build out the store, Slatter was able to reduce the overall construction calendar by more than three months.

Projects for New Leaf Community Markets:

  • Pleasanton – 2013
  • Silver Creek, San Jose – 2011
  • West Side Santa Cruz – 2010
  • Downtown Santa Cruz – 2009
  • Half Moon Bay – 2008
  • Bloom Total Body Care – 2004

“I love working with Slatter Construction. They get it. They think ahead and understand that we have a business to run. Once they completed Half Moon Bay it was easy to make the decision to hire them again. They are excellent communicators and take the time to explain everything. They go out of their way to keep store managers informed and minimize their impact on the flow of business. They also treat their subcontractors well, which makes a big difference to the end result for the client.”

Rex Stuart
General Manager and Co-Owner

New Leaf Markets

Project Details