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The Seaside Company: Haunted Castle
The Haunted Castle
The Haunted Castle
The Haunted Castle
The Haunted Castle
Project Description

The Haunted Castle was entirely demolished and rebuilt between Labor Day 2009 and Memorial Day 2010 – an expedited timetable that made use of the off season and required crews to work 24/7 for four months.

The new basement, constructed below sea level in the sand, had to be completed before the height of the winter storm season could bring sea water to threaten the building. Home to the Haunted Castle ride, which was a custom design concurrently under construction in Italy, the basement had to meet specifications that evolved over time. The finished building also includes second floor office space, an ice cream parlor and two new game rooms.

View Time Lapse Video Footage Of Construction Below

Project Details
ClientThe Seaside Company: Haunted Castle