Retail/Tenant Improvement

Georgianna Bruce Kirby

georgiannabruce2This 60,000 sq. ft. tenant improvement project required a change of use from office to school — and compliance with a much more stringent set of code standards. By acting as liaison with the City, Slatter effectively implemented all of the work required by the new regulations and realized significant cost savings for the school.

“It was a pleasure to work with Slatter Construction. The project management was thoroughly reliable and the quality of work was excellent. During the course of our remodeling project, the City required a number of changes and Slatter was very flexible in working with us. Our architect suggested that they were a company well worth considering and I found them to be friendly, responsive and honest.”

Josh Kirby
Head of School

Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Medical Construction is exacting work that Slatter Construction meets with quiet capability. The work brings inflexible deadlines; exacting budgets and complex building regulations that can change during construction. Slatter delivers new facilities and major renovations on time, within budget and without fuss. Our job is to make it easier for the Foundation to deliver high quality patient care. It’s an approach that has led PAMF to hire Slatter as lead contractor for eight facilities.

cabrillosign2Cabrillo College

As Cabrillo College has grown over the years Slatter Construction has worked on literally hundreds of tenant improvement – everything from classroom upgrades and pre-construction work, to engineering jobs and the installation of major retaining walls.

“Slatter Construction takes care of business for us. We’ve used them for everything from $500,000 projects down to projects that involved just a couple of thousand dollars. Over the ten years I’ve been here they have done well over two hundred projects, mostly classroom and office remodels. They haven’t given me a gray hair, I can’t think of any projects that have had a time or budgetary issue. We’ll continue to hire them because Sid can accomplish anything he’ll bid on.”

Joe Nugent
Maintenance and Operations Director, Cabrillo College

The Haunted CastleSeaside Company: Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle was entirely demolished and rebuilt between Labor Day 2009 and Memorial Day 2010 – an expedited timetable that required crews to work 24/7 for four months. The new basement, designed below sea level to house a custom built ride under construction in Italy, had to be completed before the height of the winter storm season threatened construction. Everything came together perfectly and the ride was installed exactly as planned. The finished building provides second floor office space to the Seaside Company, an ice cream parlor and two new game rooms.

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