Meet Our Staff

Sid Slatter


Matt Slatter

Vice President & Chief Estimator

Vann Slatter

Founder, Retired President

Christine Slatter

CFO Retired

Alexandra Szoke

Accountant/Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Rumsey

Project Manager

Christian Pellecchia

Project Executive

Cameron Kinder

Project Manager

Marc Fugman

Office Manager

“Ultimately we’ve tried to build a company that benefits the employees and the community—it’s not just about the bottom line. It’s our responsibility to help make a good life for the subcontractors and employees who work under our umbrella, because if we treat them well, they treat our customers well. And after many years of working together most of them have become part of the family.”

Christine Slatter
Co-founder and CFO

“I’ve been working here for about fourteen years and Slatter treats me well. They’re good people and I enjoy working for them.”

Jeff Wilden

“I’ve been with Slatter since the beginning. They get along well with people and are very professional. I’ve always had a good opinion of them because they treat us well.

The company is good at all kinds of construction. As superintendent I am responsible for quality control on the job. We stick with the best subs and our list is pretty refined based on track record. My job is to coordinate the work, supervise the subcontractors and talk to the client as often as needed.”

Craig Kirby